Sustainable Management Planning

Tell me your ideas, what are you thinking? 

» Like to work with circular economy?

» Need assistance to work with and implement the UN Development Goals?
» Get ready for certification e.g. Green Key, Travelife, Green Globe?

» Or, need assistance do develop a basic Sustainable Management Plan?

Get Started

Based on the above, I will tailormade a project for you 

We will discuss the proposal and amend if necessary 

Let's sign a contact and we are on the move! 


I will now visit you, stay for a few days, get a good impression of your company 

I will meet the CEO, and hold meetings with all line managers


At random, I will select employees from each department for an informal interview 

Based on the above, I will write an Action Plan; “we are here now and we need to go to here" 


Based on the assessment, loads of work needs to be done


This can be grouped into the following categories


» Knowledge
We need to get some facts and figures on the table, e.g. on water and energy consumption


» Communication
Design how to communicate the message; internal and external


» Capacity building 
All managers and employees need to know what it is all about 


Job almost done and we need to wrap it all up in a Management Plan


This plan could have headings along these lines 

» Sustainable Management  

» Our Sustainable World  

» Management 

» Commitment  

» Legal Aspects 

» Staff & Employment 

» Health & Safety  

» Employee Training 

» Local Employment 

» Guests 

» Information to Guests 

» Quality of Stay  

» Community  

» Local Entrepreneurs 

» Cultural Heritage 

» Biodiversity 

» Environment  

» Energy 

» Water 

» Waste 

» Co2 Emissions