WST & Niels

WST is my company. My knowledge of tourism has been gained from many years working within the industry and working as a consultant developing and implementing sustainable tourism – B2B and destinations. I hold a Degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Birmingham, England and a Master’s Degree in African Studies (development studies) from Copenhagen University, Denmark

I work worldwide for independent companies and for international organisations such as the EU, UNDP, SIDA and the World Bank. In addition, I been working for Green Globe, Travelife and Green Key as advisor and auditor



I have three distinct qualifications that I believe can benefit your project: 



As a positive and creative person, I see possibilities and solutions all around me. I choose to solve complicated tasks and problems with my knowledge from past experience, state of the art concepts, and engagement of all stakeholders  

My force is to transform complicated concepts into local settings and facilitate them in an easy to use language, without compromising on quality   



Stakeholders have many valuably opinions on ‘’how to do things’’.  I respect this, but I would also like to challenge them. They need to prove their ‘case’ and I will review their claims and facilitate a quality solution adapted to the local needs and wants 


Lean & Green thinking  

My approach will be based on Lean & Green thinking, merging quality and sustainable development. Lean is a about manufacturing in a different way, to see that quality is an integrated part of the whole process of manufacturing. It is about empowering employees and listening to society in general. Green is about sustainable development, including eco standards and CSR